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The 1907 Issue.

The first Brunei definitives were released in 1907. They featured a view of Brunei River and were recess printed by Thomas De La Rue and Co Ltd., London from one central vignette plate and eleven separate plates showing the frame, one for each value. Values are in Straits Dollars.


The stamps are printed on paper with watermark Multiple Crown CA and have perforation 14.





                                                                  THE ISSUED STAMPS


Date of issue: 26 February 1907, except where otherwise stated.  




Watermark Reversed.


Some of the low value stamps can be found with watermark reversed. This occurs when the sheets have been printed on the back of the paper.


The pictures below show the watermarks as viewed from the front of the stamp.



Normal Watermark.


Reversed watermark.


Stamps with reversed watermark.



An example of the 30c with reversed watermark has also been found.