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The 1908 Issue.


Changes to the colours of the 1907 issue were required to make them conform to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulations.


The colours of the 1c, 3c and 8c stamps were changed to meet the UPU colour scheme for printed papers, postcards and letters. Additional changes were made to make Brunei stamps match the British Colonial colour scheme of the period.


These changes had a knock-on effect on other values in the series and two additional higher values were issued.


The stamps are printed on paper with watermark Multiple Crown CA and have perforation 14.


Dtes of issue: 12th June 1908 except where otherwise stated.



Stamps were overprinted SPECIMEN for submission to the UPU.


The specimen overprint appears in different positions on some values, as seen here.


SPECIMEN overprint Samuel type D12a just above value.



SPECIMEN overprint Samuel type D12a just below centre.



SPECIMEN overprint Samuel type D12a just above centre.




Specimen overprint Samual Type 16 just below centre