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1947 Issue.

When Brunei resumed control of the post offices after the war the pre-war plates were used to produce the 1c, 2c, 3c, 5c, 6c, 10c and 25c values with new plates being made for the 8c, 15c, 30c, 50c and $1 values. The 3c, 8c and 15c values continued in the UPU colour scheme of green, red and blue respectively with new colours being introduced for some values.


Date of Issue: 2 January 1947, except for the $5 and $10 that were issued 2 February 1948.


Printed as before by Thomas De La Rue on Maultiple Script CA watermarked paper, 14 guage perforation. 



Later printings of certain values were perforated using different machines.


Date of Issue: 25 September 1950





These River and Village designs were superseded in 1952 by a set of definitives featuring the Sultan Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin-Wasa'adul Khairi Wadin.